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Professional Pianist / Musician

Joe Benedict playing piano with trio Joe Benedict Pianist

Music is truly the “universal language” and nothing is more enjoyable and uplifting than hearing entertaining music from quality musicians. Joe also has a sense of humor that adds to the performance and


Joe Benedict speaks the “universal language” of music. His passion for music reaches into many different styles and eras. From “The Jazz Age” to the “1960’s” to “The Great Composers”, Joe’s diversity in musical styles and collaborations are sure to be entertaining and appropriate for any event, from corporate to religious to private.

Joe is also a music instructor. He has taught hundreds of students to play piano, organ and trumpet.


So, whether you need a trained, professional pianist for your event or personal piano or trumpet instruction, Joe Benedict, Pianist, can meet your public and private music needs. 


For more information or to hire Joe, Please call (215) 915-1039

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